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Here at MF Supply, we are a distributor for the most popular aluminum spacers and standoffs. One of our special skills is providing functional equivalents to expensive brand name fasteners. This helps our customers save money and reduce long lead times.

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3/16 Hex Standoffs - Aluminum
MF SUPPLY RAF Amatom® Keystone** H. H. Smith
100204HFA RAF 2051-440-A-0 AMATOM 8100-A-0440 H.H. SMITH 9402A Quote Request
100304HFA RAF 2052-440-A-0 AMATOM 8101-A-0440 H.H. SMITH 9402B Quote Request
100404HFA RAF 2053-440-A-0 AMATOM 8102-A-0440 KEYSTONE 1891 H.H. SMITH 9402C Quote Request
100604HFA RAF 2055-440-A-0 AMATOM 8104-A-0440 KEYSTONE 1892 H.H. SMITH 9402E Quote Request
100704HFA RAF 2056-440-A-0 AMATOM 8105-A-0440 H.H. SMITH 9402F Quote Request
100804HFA RAF 2057-440-A-0 AMATOM 8106-A-0440 KEYSTONE 1893 H.H. SMITH 9402G Quote Request
100904HFA RAF 2058-440-A-0 AMATOM 8107-A-0440 H.H. SMITH 9402H Quote Request
101004HFA RAF 2059-440-A-0 AMATOM 8108-A-0440 KEYSTONE 1894 H.H. SMITH 9402J Quote Request
101104HFA RAF 2060-440-A-0 H.H. SMITH 9402K Quote Request
101204HFA RAF 2061-440-A-0 AMATOM 8109-A-0440 KEYSTONE 1895 H.H. SMITH 9402L Quote Request
101304HFA RAF 2062-440-A-0 H.H. SMITH 9402M Quote Request
101404HFA RAF 2063-440-A-0 AMATOM 8110-A-0440 KEYSTONE 1896 H.H. SMITH 9402N Quote Request
101504HFA RAF 2064-440-A-0 H.H. SMITH 9402P Quote Request
101604HFA RAF 2065-440-A-0 AMATOM 8111-A-0440 KEYSTONE 1897 H.H. SMITH 9402Q Quote Request
101804HFA RAF 2067-440-A-0 AMATOM 8113-A-0440
102004HFA RAF 2069-440-A-0 AMATOM 8115 -A-0440

1/4 Hex Standoffs - Aluminum
MF SUPPLY RAF Amatom® Keystone** H. H. Smith
140204HFA RAF 2098-440-A-0 AMATOM 8209-A-0440 H.H. SMITH 8400 Quote Request
140304HFA RAF 2099-440-A-0 AMATOM 8210-A-0440 H.H. SMITH 9284 Quote Request
140404HFA RAF 2100-440-A-0 AMATOM 8211-A-0440 KEYSTONE 2201 H.H. SMITH 8401 Quote Request
140504HFA RAF 2101-440-A-0 AMATOM 8212-A-0440 H.H. SMITH 9285 Quote Request
140604HFA RAF 2102-440-A-0 AMATOM 8213-A-0440 KEYSTONE 2202 H.H. SMITH 8402 Quote Request
140704HFA RAF 2103-440-A-0 AMATOM 8214-A-0440 H.H. SMITH 9286 Quote Request
1431604HFA Quote Request
140804HFA RAF 2104-440-A-0 AMATOM 8215-A-0440 KEYSTONE 2203 H.H. SMITH 8403 Quote Request
140904HFA RAF 2105-440-A-0 AMATOM 8216-A-0440 H.H. SMITH 9287 Quote Request
141004HFA RAF 2106-440-A-0 AMATOM 8217-A-0440 KEYSTONE 1808 H.H. SMITH 8404 Quote Request
141104HFA RAF 2107-440-A-0 H.H. SMITH 9288 Quote Request
141204HFA RAF 2108-440-A-0 AMATOM 8218-A-0440 KEYSTONE 2204 H.H. SMITH 8405 Quote Request
141304HFA RAF 2109-440-A-0 H.H. SMITH 9289 Quote Request
141404HFA RAF 2110-440-A-0 AMATOM 8219-A-0440 KEYSTONE 1809 H.H. SMITH 8406 Quote Request
141504HFA RAF 2111-440-A-0 H.H. SMITH 9290 Quote Request
141604HFA RAF 2112-440-A-0 AMATOM 8220-A-0440 KEYSTONE 2205 H.H. SMITH 8407 Quote Request
141804HFA RAF 2114-440-A-0 AMATOM 8222-A-0440 H.H. SMITH 8400R Quote Request
142004HFA RAF 2116-440-A-0 AMATOM 8224-A-0440 H.H. SMITH 8408 Quote Request
140206HFA RAF 2098-632-A-0 AMATOM 8209-A-0632 H.H. SMITH 8420 Quote Request
140306HFA RAF 2099-632-A-0 AMATOM 8210-A-0632 H.H. SMITH 9291 Quote Request
140406HFA RAF 2100-632-A-0 AMATOM 8211-A-0632 KEYSTONE 2208 H.H. SMITH 8421 Quote Request
140506HFA RAF 2101-632-A-0 AMATOM 8212-A-0632 H.H. SMITH 9292 Quote Request
140606HFA RAF 2102-632-A-0 AMATOM 8213-A-0632